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Capture. Follow Up. Sell.
Operate Your Business Like Your Client's And Your Bank Account Count On It
Top Producer Features:
Mobile-friendly and intuitive, Top Producer® gives today’s agents, teams and brokers the robust client management tools they need to maintain relationships at every stage of the client lifecycle.
Stay in touch with Past Clients automatically for years never letting them slip through the cracks.
Offer your prospects a level of follow up they won't get from any other agent.
Simple to follow steps every day to keep you closing deals.
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(Save $60/year on the CRM Only)     

(Save $239.40/year on
CRM/Market Snapshot bundle)





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Why Are So Many Agents Using Top Producer
Over the last couple of decades, real estate crm products come and they go.
The only one to stand the test of time is Top Producer. There's good reason for that...

Stand The Test Of Time
After almost 2 decades of supporting the real estate community, the developers at Top Producer really know what they need and want.

Not Just One Product But A Suite Of Products
While the other guys build a stand alone CRM, Top Producer has integrated CRM, Lead Management and Client Engagement to name a few

Set It And Forget It
Once you get comfortable with the intuitive interface, just wake up every morning and do what Top Producer tells you to do. You'll be the most productive you have ever been

Expand As You Go Or Keep It Simple
Ready to grow your giant team? No problem. Want to keep it sweet and simple? Perfect. You get to decide which bells and whistles to use.
Let Top Producer Products
Turn You Into An Efficient Selling Machine
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Buy Top Producer Through Us And Get Free Additional Trainings You Won't Get Anywhere!
We have put together some of the best real estate training around. You don't have to pay a guru hundreds or thousands of dollars per year to be successful in this business. Some of our trainings include things like...
Every Door Direct Mail Simplified
We show you how to use the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program to "DESTROY" your competition and become known as the area specialist...even if you have never sold a home in the neighborhood

Sometimes there's no school like the Old School but combine this program with the Top Producer solutions and you'll rule the world or at least your farm area.
Make $200 per day with Leases
Hey...face it! Sometimes we're just not making the ends meet and we need to feed the kids. Leases can be quick and easy if you know how to grab a couple while waiting for that big check.

Learn to love leases again. As the perfect gap filler, you'll be handling leases the easy way to keep the bills paid in between the big sales.
three college students renting
Portrait of family keeping their hands one another at home
How I Made $103,294 from a simple Facebook Trick
The super simple way to use FACEBOOK and get all the exposure you can handle for just $10 per week. Step it up a notch and get massive views to your listings, testimonials, special programs and so on.

This one trick keeps my pipeline full and is the least expensive marketing I do.
That’s Cool… But Why Should I Buy
Top Producer
From You?

That's a fair enough question and honestly, I watch people bounce off of my site every day and call Top Producer directly and order. I guess it's because they feel like they might be missing something if they don't. It's Ok though. I realize that some people are fearful of doing anything online. But these might be a few good reasons and if not, here's the link directly to the Top Producer online site and here's the Top Producer promo codes too.

Promo Codes:  
VARCRM3495 (Save $60/year on the CRM Only)     
VARBNDL8495 (Save $239.40/year on CRM/Snapshot bundle)

Anyway, here's why we're different...

1200+ Closings and Still Active
Unlike some phone sales rep, I'm just like you. In the trenches fighting for the next closing. So while they might have some tips, have they ever personally used them?

I Actually Use Top Producer Every Day
When I come across an idea to make things easier, cheaper and more profitable, I share them. You gotta use it to figure it out right?

I'll Still Talk To You Long After The Sale
I'm not a sales rep. I'm an agent advocate and I'll always take a few minutes to help a fellow agent get over the hump.

I Want To See You Succeed Big Time
The stats in real estate are pathetic and I know that just like any other profession, the one's who succeed are the one's who have the right tools. Here ya go!
Here's What People Say About Anthony Nitz' Trainings And How It Helps Their Business!
In all fairness, these classes were more longform classes that lasted several hours and the trainings I have online are chopped down into bite sized pieces so you don't have to sit in front of a computer for 3 hours.
Great Feedback From Everyone
Facebook training at the local Association of Realtors. Always a full class and great feedback.
Internet Lead Generation
These trainings are essential even for the experienced agent because the new agents grew up in a technology based world and if we don't keep up, we don't stand a chance.
It Was Phenomenal
I learned a tremendous amount and I highly highly recommend Anthony's trainings because it's what's happening in the business.
It Will Catch Me Up With Everyone Else
It was one of the best classes I've ever taken and he gave me some really great tips for my real estate business.
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Don't Fall For the Guru's Who Sell You Anything For A Commission Check
Here's a picture of my third Top Producer upgrade to the amazing 6i version.  It was a huge jump from the previous version.  It sits on my shelf mostly for nostalgia purposes and to demonstrate that yes I have in fact been using the program for almost two decades.  If you open the box, you'll find a CD Rom, 3 Floppy discs and another CD Rom to install my Palm Pilot module.  We've come a long way since then.
My third Top Producer upgrade.  The new version 6i

Don’t fall for “guru’s” or other so called real estate experts offering to sell you any one of several different real estate CRM’s including Top Producer just in the hope you'll buy anything and they’ll make a few bucks. In my humble opinion, if someone is an expert, they should know what the best program is and strongly recommend that one only.

While I do get paid to promote Top Producer products, I will also mention that I have been using Top Producer from the very beginning and I’ll say I got lucky. It seems to me that over the years all the other programs have come and gone and many more will but Top Producer has stood the test of time simply because it works. If I firmly didn’t believe it was the best real estate CRM out there, I wouldn’t promote it. In fact, I still use it every single day.

I will say that if I didn’t have this program I wouldn’t have become an award winning sales person year after year simply due to the fact that it kept me focused and my team moving in the right direction.

30 days

Try Top Producer Products for 30-Days 

You have 30 days to try Top Producer and even if you cancel within those 30 days I'll still send you my trainings for free.   This isn't about locking you into a product that doesn't work for you.  It's about helping you have massive success.  So, even if you cancel, we're still friends so get on board now.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

When I purchase Top Producer Products via this website do I still get full support from Top Producer?
Yes Absolutely 100%. In fact when you purchase from this site, you’ll get one better. You’ll get a call to schedule an appointment to walk you through the most critical initial setup points and basic overview to get you started quickly with the least amount of hassle.

Do I have to pay extra to get the mobile version of Top Producer?
No, not at all. Mobile is included in any CRM purchase. And the cool thing is that I bet once you start using the Mobile, you'll rarely need to sit at a computer to do your work.

Anthony, why don’t you give us training on Top Producer instead of that other stuff?
Great question. First of all, there’s no one better to teach you the nuts and bolts of the products than the product creator. Top Producer has an amazing campus online where you can learn what every button, buzzer and bell does so take advantage of it. Also, their support is second to none. Just can’t figure out that little tweak? 3 minutes on the phone and you’re done. The reason I give the additional trainings for free once we’ve verified your purchase through us, is because having the best CRM in the world means nothing if you can’t fill it with great prospective clients. My trainings are focused on driving new, ready to buy and sell clients into your pipeline.

I have a team or a brokerage and I want to get everyone on Top Producer to track their productivity and protect my database. Can that be done and are there additional discounts?
That question can be answered on a case by base basis. Call me so I can get a few details to work out a quote.

Anthony, I’m still not sure if I should buy via this site. I just want to make sure I’m going to get what I paid for.

I totally understand. I’m always skeptical whenever I make any kind of purchase online. If you prefer, you can click the orange button below and it will take you directly to my secure Top Producer online store and you don't have to give us any information whatsoever. 

If you're purchasing the CRM only, use the promo codes 
VARCRM3495 (Save $60/year on the CRM Only)     
VARBNDL8495 (Save $239.40/year on CRM/Snapshot bundle)

I've already purchased Top Producer products through you and need support, who should I call?

Top Producer support is very good and quick.  Just call them directly at 800-830-8300 (support only).

They'll get you whipped into shape in no time.  If you have questions about the trainings I supply you can find my number on the bottom of this page.

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